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Hidden Figures - Application Programmers and Data Analysts

In 1928, Webster's Dictionary defined calculator/computer as: CALCULATOR , noun One who computes or reckons; one who estimates or considers the force and effect of causes, with a view to form a correct estimate of the effects. COMPUTER , noun One who computes; a reckoner; a calculator Today, it defines it as: CALCULATOR , noun   one that calculates : such as 1) a usually electronic device for performing mathematical calculations 2) a person who operates a calculator COMPUTER , noun   a programmable usually electronic device that can store, retrieve, and process data I can't help but ponder the term "AI Programmer" If I search for AI Programmer today; it links me to Programmers who specialize in artificial intelligence (AI). But, as we discuss the rise of the AI bots taking peoples jobs; it seems most obvious that the jobs they will take will be those of application programmers, not of doctors, or lawyers. IBM pushes the idea that Watson went to m